A Pond for a Square . A Square for the Summer

Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisbon, Portugal

We asked ourselves what type of square we would like to find, in this place.
We asked ourselves which elements could bring the livelihood of a square to this place.
We asked ourselves which feature could make someone want to stay, in this place.
Alongside the idea of shade, came the idea of water.
The same water that, though extremely close, only belongs to the garden.
A pure, liquid shape, that defines our pond for a Square. 

Heritage: National Monument

Client: Associação Trienal de Arquitectura de Lisboa

Curator: André Tavares

Project duration: 2019-2020

Diameter: 22m

Architect: SAMI-arquitectos . Inês Vieira da Silva. Miguel Vieira

Project team: João Oliveira

Renderings: SAMI-arquitectos