Villa Ordos100

Descriptive memory
Being given total freedom was initially a daunting prospect. Faced with a landscape in the process of transformation and a client who made few specific demands the project became a challenge to our imaginations.
We saw the aim as to build a large house in an area of fairly dense occupation, yet to allow for both privacy and light.

Our solution was to follow a continuous line which both divides the inner space and separates it from the exterior. Infinite and unbroken, the line gives strength, cohesion and dynamism to the building.
While the function of the line as it moves from interior to exterior and back again may change, its integrity remains the same, giving each interdependent space an equal value.

The line flows through the public areas of the ground floor, eddying into more intimate social spaces and allowing a gradation of both light and seclusion. It also creates private compartments at the level of the first floor.

The line allows us to maximise the perimeter while respecting the confines of the footprint. Thus we gain in terms of light, privacy and protection from the elements.

We took a line, we followed it and allowed it to create space.
The line was our conceptual response to our initial challenge and the functionality of the building is derived from that concept.