Lajido’s Resort

Descriptive memory
The tourist resort of Lajido can be found in a landscape of rare beauty, one with views of Mount Pico and extensive vineyards which is classified by UNESCO as a Heritage site.

The design of the resort and its buildings has its basis in a careful reading of the terrain and the traditional, local construction methods.

The visual continuity with the landscape seemed essential to us and our intervention sought to respect this, avoiding the construction of a dense, opaque mass and using basalt as a unifying element. Thus the various constructions are connected by a stone wall and are situated in such a way that each building is best adapted to the topography of the land in terms of its visual form, with a maximum degree of privacy being afforded.

All the apartments are surrounded by the aforementioned wall which is only interrupted to allow space for doors and windows protected by red-painted wooden panels.

The living room is the primordial space of the dwelling, opening transversely over the landscape. The porch, designed within the volume of the apartment, allows the extension of the living room to the exterior and creates a transitional space between the landscape and the home.