CreativeLab Signed by Tenente

Descriptive memory
The immediate idea that occurred to us with the invitation addressed by José António Tenente to co-develop the display concept of the CreativeLab Signed by Tenente was to consider fabric as the unifying element between two worlds that seemed, at least superficially, so close and yet so far apart: the world of Fashion and the world of Architecture.

So, using this (apparent) contradiction as our starting point and initial premise, we set out to define the concept of the exhibition space we wanted, exploring fabric to bring this about, simultaneously as a light, volatile material, and also as an element of construction, dense, capable of creating architectonic space.

This concept gained shape with the design of pleats structured in black voile that could articulate and provide meaning to long opaque planes, also self-bearing, imagined as the best backdrop to highlight the items of clothing on display.

This alternation between linear walls and curved pleats, between opaque and transparent elements, resulted in a long and involving piece of black fabric that gave the otherwise bare and basic room an elegant and refined atmosphere – the universe, after all, of José António Tenente. This contrast intensified the drama of each of the four areas into which the exhibition was structured, and accentuated the sinuosity that was desired for the route, this being a characteristic that in a way reflects José António Tenente’s own creative process, involving reflection and maturity.

Taken as an aside to the MUDE’s permanent exhibition, this initial concept ended up by taking shape in five key axes, designed with the objective of emphasising the items chosen by the fashion designer without, however, overshadowing the museum’s permanent exhibition.

Our immediate, initial perception, besides the fact that the CreativeLab Signed by Tenente would have to conjure up an atmosphere that, as far as possible, would recreate José António Tenente’s universe: the alternation between opacity and transparency, in a romantic outline of space; delicate murmurs and exuberant gestures arising from a dialogue between the different items on display; the enigma and discovery of mysterious silhouettes that seek our attention along the route; the atmosphere of profound density and serene elegance created by the black voile, are the end result that add further intensity to this equally fascinating and seductive universe.